“With education, we get awakened to the power and our beauty, nestled deep within. Likewise, with Abeers we wake up to our inner confidence.” – Shakti Singh

We hereby pledge to strive forward passionately, dedicating our efforts towards the accomplishment of sustainable practices to drive growth and assure the highest standards in Ayurveda and Herbal Skin Care.

Mr. Shakti Singh


It’s the cumulative commitment and consistent efforts of our management, team of experts and experienced staff-members that has enabled Abeers to carve a niche for itself in the beauty industry. We are proud of our legacy and continue to take forward our mission of promoting the power of Ayurveda in enhancing health and beauty.

Our collective knowledge, skills, and values have manifested in our products, which we pledge to nurture as our pride and joy. We pledge, to never falter from the precedents we have set with our work and achievements.

When faced and challenged with adversities, we will turn them into opportunities of developing superior-quality products, raising the standards in herbal beauty and wellness. Allow us to be the equal stakeholders in transforming your life by “Bringing it back to nature.”

—- Shakti Singh