Concentrate Oils

Concentrate Oils

Concentrate Oils: The Answer to All Your Wellness Woes

Is your skin losing its youthful glow? Do you wake up with your pillow covered in hair? Knee and hip pain keeping you up all night? There is just one answer to all your beauty and health troubles; concentrate oils. A powerful concoction of medicinal herbs, essential oils, and cold press organic oils, these are Ayurvedic formulations, which directly address the issues of hair, skin, and body.

100% Natural Beauty and Wellness Oils

Hair Energiser Oil

Hair energiser oil is like a health tonic for your hair. Whether you are suffering from early greying, severe damage from chemical treatments, excessive hair fall, or premature baldness, the hair energiser concentrate oil is the one solution for all your problems. Rich in Vitamin E and B5, it promotes hair growth, makes it shiny and healthy, and keeps the scalp naturally moisturized.

Inshape Oil

The Inshape oil is a revolutionary formulation that breaks down the cellulite and tones your body giving it firmness. Its anti-cellulite properties will keep your body moisturized while tightening the loose muscles for better shape.

Skin Care Oil

Rich in Omega3 fatty acids, the skincare oil is suitable for all kinds of skin, and works wonders on varied issues like ageing, fine lines, sensitivity, dullness, pigmentation, tanning, etc. Take a few drops and massage lightly on your face. It gets absorbed in a few seconds and keeps the skin supple and moisturized all day long.

Bust Firming Oil

Sagging of the bust area is a common problem that women face with age or sometimes due to aggressive weight loss. Regular massage with the bust firming oil helps you regain back your shape.

Reuma Oil

Knee, hip, and joint pains become a constant as one grows old. At one point even medicines fail to soothe the pain. That’s where Reuma oil comes to your rescue with its medicinal properties that relieve the pain and strengthens bones and muscles.

Vitality Oil

Vitality oil serves people suffering from sexual health issues. Feel reinvigorated and energized with each use.

Herbal concentrate oils are unlike artificially processed store-bought oils saturated with harmful chemicals. These penetrate deep through the layers of skin and soothe it with a host of healing properties. Being a PMEGP unit of Khadi, Abeers Gramudyog provides you with 100% organic and herbal products, developed with care and by maintaining high standards of quality. Get your choice of concentrate oil and revel in its natural goodness.

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